What would you think if someone told you that you could receive help with activities of daily living? What if someone could assist you with personal care, homemaker care, chore services, and advanced personal care? Do you require authorized nurse visits or respite?

Now imagine how much richer your life could be with In-Home Services.

Access II can help assist you with activities of daily living by providing an in-home aide to allow you to achieve greater independence in your home and community.

In-Home Services include:


Dressing and grooming

Bathing and personal hygiene

Toileting and continence

Assisting with mobility and transfer

Medically related household tasks

Launder clothes

Shop for essential items

Perform essential errands

Read and write correspondence

Wash dishes

Clean kitchen

Clean bathroom

Make beds

Nursing Services

     * Medication set-up

     * Nursing care

     * Diabetic care

And Much More!

In-Home Application for Employment
FCSR Worker Registration Form